Gnome 3!

Gnome 3 has finally been released! just minutes ago! I cant wait to use gnome 3, alot of its new features look really good, but how would i go about updating to gnome 3 in opensuse 11.4. Gnomes website says it will be released as an update. do i need extra repo’s or is just not on opensuse yet?

Same here, I’m creating a VM as we speak so that I can test out / play with the new GNOME 3.

I went poking around … there’s a GNOME3 repository out there (in a directory called “Next”, for Factory) so I’m sure at some point we’ll see a repository for it. I haven’t figured out if I like the new gnome shell or not (I’ve only seen youtube videos of it) – I’m trying to stay objective and not be swayed by reviews – but all I can say is, like the KDE 3.5 → KDE 4 transition, “it’s gonna take some gettin’ used to!”

There may be an 11.4 respin with Gnome 3. At least that is what I found through