Gnome 3 Upgrade - Fallback Mode on new laptop...

When I tried the liveCD a while ago, it all worked fine.
Now when i do the text install following openSUSE:GNOME 3.0 - openSUSE I just get fallback mode.
I cant quite understand why as the machine has an intel 3150 and n550 dual core processor.
System - Acer Aspire One D255 - n55- 2gb RAM - 3150 Graphics

I have a new laptop with Intel processor and graphics. Gnome 3 works properly on it. However, if I start the system with “nomodeset” as a kernel parameter, then it goes to fallback mode. And, note, that I really should use “nomodeset”, because otherwise I get system freezes.

I’m not sure whether this is relevant to your situation, but I thought that I should mention it just in case.

same here with amd phenom II and ati hd 4250. BTW, liveCD didn’t work either…

tried to install proprietary ati driver - no X whatsoever.

gnome 3 uses Gallium 0.4 on RS880 driver - maybe that’s the problem?