gnome 3 questions

So now that I finally have gnome 3 working I have some questions.

Why did they (if i can read it some where point me in that direction) take out wobly windows and msn from the empathy chat accounts list?

Can you tell the me the process by which you managed to get it to install?
Simply adding the repository, then running ‘zypper dup’? As this has done nothing for me asides update 1 or 2 packages?


He installed from the liveCD of GNOME 3 that you have here : GNOME 3 - Made of Easy

@adrienk : wobly windows comes from compiz. I don’t know if it’s activated by default.

It’s not but thanks for that - maybe I will install compiz - maybe.

Can some one tell me why there is no msn in empathy?

Off topic question:

→ in ubuntu to install apps and applications its: sudo apt-get install

what is it in open suse?

OK, will installing the liveCD give me suse branding, or gnome?

‘sudo zypper in <pkgname>’ is like apt-get but for rpm packages in suse

It is based on openSUSE with GNOME 3.

Gnome branding, once the Gnome 3 repository is stable, upgrading will apply the openSUSE branding, but you can always roll back the branding to upstream.

Hi malcolm, is the issues on the official gnome 3 repo have been fixed?

sweet thanks -

So before my thread gets hijacked - no one knows why they took msn out of empathy?

Nope it’s still work in progress. The reason it’s active is for building the promo dvd afaik.

If people really want to try it out, run the livecd and wait is my advice…

Ok, can I suggest someone of the forum team post an announce about it to alert user that it is not quite ready to go prime time ? :wink:

I second that

has any one tried the live cd?

I just did an update and that fixed the msn issues. infact that update fixed alot it even changed the theme and installed i think about 234 new packages from the default repos.

Im using the live cd at the moment, appears to work fine. Why?

I was just curious as to how many people are usingit and what there impression of it are. I had to manually install libre office but that was about it. I have it installed to disk. does any one else?

Its OK I suppose, I mean its not the ‘complete’ openSUSE experience. I changed the package repository from foscaz(?) to the STABLE GNOME3.0 one, and ran ‘sudo zypper dup’ to pull down all the utilities deemed ‘core’ that were missing - namely ones used in YaST.
I believe there must be a way to auto-install software to match the DVD install from a liveCD install, but im investigating (new to openSUSE - used fed before)
Other than that, Im trying to change the blues back to the greens - just starting on that
And I have it installed to disk yes

So before my thread gets hijacked - no one knows why they took msn out of empathy?

I don’t use empathy (I prefer kopete), or connect to MSN, but I did find this via a quick Google search:

Fix The MSN Bug In Empathy [Ubuntu 10.10] | Tech Episode

Maybe it will work for you too.

Works fine here in Gnome 2 and 3

I should say that cheese crash’s on me , Gnome 2 and 3. I will have to work on that.

By the way I updated to Gnome 3 with the opensuse repo tonight, using Yast and it is working fine. A little tricky , but it worked.
I gave a little idea how I done it here at the bottom of the page.

How can I update gnome 2.30 to gnome 3 ?

Good luck.