Gnome 3 preview in 11.4

I’ve been using 64-bit openSUSE 11.4 for the past few days. I like gnome 3 preview, but for some reason battery status is not shown. I just saw the Fedora 15 screenshots and a battery indicator is there, so why am I missing one in openSUSE?

Can I ask u how did u to get the GNOME 3 on openSUSE 11.4??

I got it from the Add/Remove software. Just search for gnome-shell. However, since the official 11.4 release, gnome-shell is broken. I don’t know why, but it worked in the release candidate.

You are using a gnome-shell preview… it’s not GNOME3 yet… For GNOME3 real preview you probably want to try a snapshot built by Frederic Crozat:

GNOME 3 - Made of Easy

Hope it helps… if you already have openSUSE installed you can do: zypper install imagewriter

and use imagewriter to write the image into a USB stick and try it out :slight_smile:

Hope it helps!

I am also using gnome-shell in 11.4.

My question is, when Gnome 3 becomes fully complete will I get the final release as an update in 11.4 ?

Or is it planned to be implemented in the next release if openSUSE ?


There will be a GNOME3 repository for 11.4. It’s been worked, but as you know the software releases within a few days. The final version will be available through a repository and enabled using the normal ‘distribution upgrade’. It’s a user decision as such, users will need to upgrade manually (installing the repo and running zypper dup). Wait some days, I’m sure that Vincent Untz or Frederic Crozat will announce it when it comes available, alongside with the procedures to safely make that transition.

As for the upcoming version of openSUSE, it will ship with GNOME 3.2.

Just one more thing.

The repository that you have mentioned, is it openSUSE’s own repository or an external one maintained by some other person/community?

Repository will be on OBS (openSUSE Build Service) under the GNOME project (as any other GNOME release) and is maintained by openSUSE GNOME Team, which is composed of GNOME developers/contributors, openSUSE developers/contributors, etc.


And… er… when will GNOME3 will be available for opensuse 11.4???

During next week.

I’ve been using Gnome3 with Gnome-shell for the last few days -

Getting GNOME | GNOME: Made of Easy

Using the 64-bit download there. So far so good. I’m really enjoying the new UI - abeit the lack of some features from gnome panel I really like such as CPU scaler and having a clock that displays more than one time zone.

There are bugs - and hangs abit more than I am comfortable with. The original theme from the download is very impressive, but after an opensuse update I must say the new theme is a regression - and without a ability to revert it back to the vanilla gnome theme…

The extra repo found in the gnome 3 opensuse iso is:
Index of /repositories/home:/fcrozat:/gnome3/openSUSE_11.4