GNOME 3 help needed

Hi all just now upgraded to GNOME 3.i have some problems with first problem with GNOME 3 is i can’t enable desktop effects.i don’t know how to add widgets to the panel.](

see the above image i am also want to add openSUSE geecko in the place of activities.Malcolm where are you?not only Malcolm anybody whom using GNOME 3 can help me.

I am under the impression that desktop effects are automatic in gnome 3, and cannot be turned off. They just happen to be different from KDE desktop effects.

If your graphics card does not support them, then it would have put you into “fallback” mode.

when i tried to enable desktop effects manually it forced me log this fallback mode?

fallback mode looks a bit like gnome 2. It is very different from the standard mode.

i am having several problems in kde.i think it is caused by GNOME 3.see the following image](

i can’t connect to the network in happened after upgrading to GNOME 3.and having one another problem please see the following](

i can’t see the title bar in is good in another test user.but i can’t fix that in my user account.i can’t connect to network in that test user also.i have tried failsafe but it is not working.please help me.

All of those extensions are sitting in my home repo here;
Index of /repositories/home:/malcolmlewis:/GNOME:/3.0/GNOME_STABLE_3.0_openSUSE_11.4

There are two hotspot-icon (just the icon) or hotspot-icon-text (icon and activities text)

You need to install the gnome-tweak-tool this will enable access to adding themes and also a simple way to enable/disable the extensions.

The other extensions like user-themes are available by default from the GNOME STABLE 3.0 repository.

The only extension you don’t install at present is the xrandr-indicator one as the gjs package needs a patch (trying to get it added this week).

@malcolmlewis can you tell solution for my kde problems?

I don’t use KDE, so can’t really offer any advice :frowning:

Can anybody tell me can i fix the problem?shall i reinstall openSUSE?

Your reference to desktop effects in an earlier post, in Gnome this is automatic, else you get fallback mode, if you open ‘System Settings’ → System Info and look at the ‘Graphics’ section should tell you the state…

In KDE, kwin AFAIK activates by default as well…

Ahh, forgot about this one…
openSUSE:GNOME 3.0 - openSUSE
If you use KDE, you need to switch to the traditional method…

Desk top effects in Gnome 2 used compiz compositing tools to render effects, this was changed to a compositing manager called Mutter which uses the Clutter toolkit and is intergrated with Gnome3, so you cannot use the ‘desktop effects’ tool which you used in gnome 2.

If your graphics card has 3d acceleration this will automatically be picked up by gnome 3 and you will be to change a limited number of settings from ‘tweaktool’, which you will have to install. If you card is not upto it you will go to fall back mode which looks like the gnome 2 desktop. There are no such things as widgits iin gnome 3, if you need them stay with gnome 2 and kde, but if you stick with gnome 3 you will find it much more usable in a short time, at least i did.

You can also customise gnome 3 shell yourself by installing extentions, there is plenty of info on the web if you look.

hope this helps


Under system info-graphics in Gnome 3.i found the following

driver:Intel Ironlake mobile*86/MMX/SSE2


forced fallback mode:off

can i get desktop effects in Gnome 3?

Thanks i will do it.

The “known issues” link states

KDE 4 will not correctly detect network availability : you might want to switch to "traditional method with ifup" 
in Yast network settings, or use nm-applet (from NetworkManager-gnome package) in KDE. This issue will be fixed
 in **next openSUSE release** 

Is it correct to infer that the solution awaits 12.1 ? Is this problem without resolution within Gnome or KDE ?

The issue is in KDE (you need to use the GNOME NetworkManager package) if you install both the KDE4 and Gnome 3 desktop.

Yes, do you see the ripple effect when you go to the hotspot (top left corner)? The ‘desktop effects’ are in the ability (the feel) to move from the desktop etc at the moment, I’m sure other things will appear, but that’s pretty much it…

Yeah that ripple effect is working.

So it’s working as expected (designed), you need to be patient now and
see what developments bring.

Cheers Malcolm °¿° (Linux Counter #276890)
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I can’t find Gnome network manager applet in to get it?


what is your experience in Gnome3 system info under graphics?can i install any desktop effects manager in Gnome3 like compiz?