Gnome 3 group windows open in dash icon

Hello, I see that some apps like firefox, nautilus added to dash (fav app), opened windows are grouped in one icon, and my apps (not installed with yast, just manual) that are in my home (modelio, eclipse, etc) doesn’t

how doing it?

So do you have menu items for the applications manually added? As in if you look in ~/.local/share/applications the is for example a eclipse.desktop file?

Or where these installed system wide?

Anyway, if you press the super key to get into overview mode and search, do they show up, if so you can right-click and add to favorites and will appear in the dock.

Yes, I added menus entries with alacarte, they are in MYHOME/.local/share/applications/ like eclipse.desktop and so on. I added to dock too. The thing is that when I open this apps, in the dock appears new icons with the open one, and when I open firefox o similar just one icon, right click on firefox shows a list of opened windows and New window option, I would like this behavior in menus added manually too