Gnome 3 64 Bit: Erroneous update via Software Updater

Hi all. My openSUSE 11.4 adventure continues apace, and is brilliant! However, recently the Gnome 3 Software Updater has begun to show me an update I cannot get and actually I don’t think I need. It doesn’t turn up when updating via YAST, which is fine, but sometimes the Software Updater is a handy thing, and I don’t know why this should appear.

The update is xorg-X11-server - Mesa 4546 noarch. This seems to be for Radeon and RadeonHD cards, of which as an Nvidia user I have neither. Like I say when using YAST there’s no sign of it, but it just turns up in the Gnome 3 Software Updater every day. If I try to install it it tells me there are failed dependency resolutions and it doesn’t install it.

Is there anything I can do to remove this unwanted update from the Gnome 3 updater? Thanks all.

I saw that, though I recalled it as being for a nouveau server (and my gnome 3 system doesn’t use that).

I cancelled the update. Then I went into Yast, and did an online update. The messages there seemed to be clearer. It looked to me as if the updater wanted to remove an older version and replace it with a newer version. I allowed it to go ahead with that change. My system still boots.

(added in edit - this was a 32 bit gnome 3 system)

Ah, there it is! Thanks very much. I forgot to try the Online Update option in YAST. Sorted it and installed it. No problems.

Thanks again. :slight_smile:

It’s working now! Everything is back to normal. Thanks for the solution! :wink: lol!