Gnome 3.6 beta repos?

Hi all,

Is there any repos for Gnome 3.6 beta openSUSE 12.2?


Nothing that is working :wink: There might be something available in the next week or so.

So an update, 26th of September is release date, should be something
around a few days after that.

Cheers Malcolm °¿° (Linux Counter #276890)
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Thanks Malcolm,
Thought to try out the beta, no option now. So let’s wait for the final release then.

Have some good news, the following repo has now latest packages: Index of /repositories/GNOME:/Factory/openSUSE_Factory Will be upgrading in a while.

Excellent news! One question; will there be a one-click installer for Gnome 3.6 for openSUSE 12.2? Many thanks.

I had a messed upgrade during the RC, too many conflicts that needed to solve it manually. After the upgrade completed, there were session error and I am getting Icewm instead of Gnome.

Upgrade to RC messed up my system too, and it just stuck on the boot screen. As always i have no pleasant experience with Gnome major version upgrades. Last time in 12.1, it broke the system. Will give it a try again.

Any news, will we have a stable repo for 3.6?

I read in the Mailing list, that 3.6 does not work with 12.2
The factory repo is for testers only, those prepared to nuke their system

I quote for you:


I know you are all eagerly awaiting it!


GNOME 3.6 (at least what has been released so far; official release date
is tomorrow, so there can still some more packages appear) has been
submitted and accepted into GNOME:Factory.


GNOME:Factory, as you all know, is the staging project where all
packages are being tested against each other and, once deemed working,
be forwarded to openSUSE:Factory, to be included into our next release
of openSUSE.

GNOME:Factory is NOT compatible to 12.2 (due to dependencies).

  • BUT *

Don’t be afraid just yet: All this great work has also been submitted
and accepted into a new repository GNOME:STABLE:3.6 (which, at this
moment, is not published; we will be doing at least a few integration
tests on 12.2 before crashing your machine(s).) If all goes well and
may the OBS be with us (giving us the build power we need), this should
not take too long.

Once all this is ready, we’ll let you know here again!

  • BUT BUT *

YOU are really brave and don’t mind crashing your machine… should
this happen, you are
a) capable of extracting log files (even if NO gui comes up
b) formulate readable bug reports
c) FIX the bug :slight_smile:

then there is even a repository for 12.2 published (actually, it is
GNOME:STABLE:3.6 published in a different namespace). So if you feel
adventerous and comply to at least 2 of the 3 points above (:)), then
you are allowed to use the repository home:dimstar:broken on your
machine and get up to GNOME 3.6 (don’t do this just now: the repository
is in a full rebuild due to the checkins!)


What? you want even MORE??? Well, formulate your needs, and we’ll find a
way to make you work on them :slight_smile:

After all, this is a community effort! We need YOU to make this all

Hope you’re having a lot of fun!

The openSUSE GNOME Team

Thanks Carl for the information, that clarifies it.

hah! no wonder lol!, this weekend will be my busy day for me rotfl!

Almost there !

I’m currently 16 packages behind the release (note the last tarball so far released was seahorse-sharing, released @ 15:29 CEST, so 11 minutes ago)

Dominique (waiting for OBS to do it’s work :slight_smile: )

Re: [opensuse-gnome] GNOME 3.6

won’t be too long to go.

Hi all,

I know you’re all awaiting it… and as you have seen in some posts (my mail to openSUSE-gnome was already quoted here), work IS undergoing.

So far I did test the published repository (the one in home:dimstar:broken, the name was intentionally chosen like this, so nobody will complain if it breaks :stuck_out_tongue: ) seems to work reasonably good for me so far (I’m also testing openSUSE 12.2 + GNOME 3.6 respin live ISOs, to be found at Index of /repositories/GNOME:/Medias/images/iso ) and that so far also look reasonably good so far (on my limited few tests I can perform).

Unfortunately, some very basic components (pango) were only released today. It was rather quickly integrated, but due to it’s low-lever nature, triggered a almost complete rebuild of all packages (~ 200 packages, 2 archs).

So, really, if you have a machine that, should it really break, you can recover and don’t mind an eventual ‘breakage’ (I sure hope there won’t be any), give the live discs mentioned above, and the home:dimstar:broken repository a go and let me know how it goes (best on, as I don’t follow the forum daily… but Malcolm would tell me if something interesting happens here :))

Dominique / DimStar…

Some more tests done on home:dimstar:broken are very promising…

the most reliable way seems to be, so far:

sudo zypper ar -r obs://home:dimstar:broken/openSUSE_12.2 GS36
sudo zypper dup --from GS36

lean back…

sudo zypper dup --from GS36
(just a safety check… do it twice… it might trigger some more packages!)

now restart and enjoy gnome 3.6.

Anybody willing to test and report back?

Then, once the final repo has fully rebuilt, we can open the gates!

Given URI is invalid: obs://home:dimstar:broken/openSUSE_12.2 (Invalid host component ‘home:dimstar’)

This is what I got

Sorry, my bad…

it should be
zypper ar -f obs:/…]
-r defines a remote URL to find a .repo file
-f defines to set the newly add repository to be auto-refreshed… which is in this case what we need.

I think this is the correct url Index of /repositories/home:/dimstar:/broken/openSUSE_12.2

dup it :wink:


zypper ar GS36

Cheers Malcolm °¿° (Linux Counter #276890)
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Yes, if you want to use the obs:// in the future, you need to edit the
[obs] section in /etc/zypp/zypper.conf for your release.

Cheers Malcolm °¿° (Linux Counter #276890)
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Reporting here, currently I am on Gnome 3.6 officially. There were about 441 packages downloaded and overall process of upgrading took less than 5 minutes. Some of the gnome extensions are missing, which is no big deal for me. The lower tray seems a bit ugly due to icons been stretched to make the image bigger. Nicer Nautilus, and fonts a bit smoother than before. Still exploring the new version.