Gnome 3.6.2, how to single click to open

I am trying to find the settings (I believe previously in the file manager), to setup the Gnome Desktop for single click to open/execute. I can’t find the settings anyplace. The new file manager has no Preferences menu that I can find, unless it is hidden. Anyone know how to do this?

The file manager has a “gear” symbol in the upper right corner.
Click on this and select “Preferences”…

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wolfi323, thanks for the response, but Preferences is not present in the gear wheel.

vazhavandan, thanks for the referral. It was spot on. Now why would they put the menu on the Files icon on the top Gnome panel? Who would think to look there? This is as bad as what they did to Windows 8.

It is there for me (v3.6.3 as included in openSUSE 12.3), see a screenshot:

Maybe that’s because I ran it inside KDE?

Not only For Nautilus. All the menus are now in Top panel. For example :- Calculator,Cheese(web cam),Documents(document reader),Phalanx (chess),Totem,Epiphany etc.This is especially true for all applications developed by GNOME or Native apps.

You are right. Since there is no “gnome-top-panel”, they should bring all the settings somewhere else in other Desktop environments.

All the GNOME applications i guess are supposed to run fullscreen and they seem got their inspiration from IOS and Android where all the settings are in “pull down” menus