Gnome 3.4.2 gnome-shell-extension-prefs tool crashing

For anyone following the discussion after I reported this to a couple extension devs, I wanted to post here to make it a bit more official since there are newer updates in 12.2 for gnome-shell 3.4.2 now and it is still very buggy. The problem is something causing the gnome-shell-extenson-prefs tool to crash for certain extensions only. They are in the progress of narrowing it down and I’d like to open a bug report here on the 5th and move this as I believe it’s a real issue as of now. They say it is only occuring under openSuse with 3.4.2 but I think it also happened under 3.4.1.

The problem with that is I lost my original rc2 iso, and it’s not possible to downgrade gnome-shell to 3.4.1 to test that theory. They also think it’s a suse specific issue and have been testing on other distros as well, so something does seem to have gone wrong with gnome-shell 3.4.2 on suse only.

gnome-shell mailing list discussion:

the thread is 00142 and since it’s september now:

Anyways I will be happy to open a bug report if no one has but they have not mentioned it to me if they have done so, and I’m not really sure where to open one for suse?

Bug report opened

More info added to the bug report, including a patch from gnome dev. This is a gjs/gobject issue, and I guess the patch fixes it but I have not been able to succesfully build yet. Anyways, I’m only hoping for a regarding how long it might take users of Gnome Shell 3.4 (i.e most of gnome users with Suse 12.2) to see this patch upstream at least in factory so it could be installed that way if need be.

I was able to get this to build using the patch and help on the gnome-shell mailing list, and I can confirm it works. I’m not really good at this so I posted more info on the bug report, and I guess all thats left to do is wait. I’ll try to post the rpms I built and the spec file and patch and everything on the bug later on.