Gnome 3.26 scaling issues

I have a 4k display. Scaling is set to 200%.

Booting into Gnome on Xorg, the top panel is always scaled to 100%. Restarting the desktop makes it 200% like the rest of the desktop.

Some 100% scaling persists however, namely the cursor, conky, and nylas mail. There may be other apps I’m not aware of.

I tried switching to Gnome (on Wayland) to see if the scaling issues are occur there, but even when I choose plain Gnome at the login screen it boots me into Gnome on Xorg.

As a bonus, even before the 3.26 update choosing autologin in system settings was not respected, and gdm would always take me to the login screen regardless. This persists with 3.26.

I haven’t seen any discussions anywhere about these issues, so I’m wondering if anybody else has had them. Also any suggestions/workarounds welcome.

I’ve posted about it. It’s basically a botched update to 3.26. Try messing with the scaling option in devices > display. There is no consistency with the options and what they do, but switching back and forth between them eventually results in the correct scaling for everything. Also, opening tweak tool will have some effect. Just open it and see. For me it fixes window scaling, but the top bar remains broken.

Also, I cannot get a working gnome Wayland session. Seems completely broken.

Had the same issue on hidpi screen on my XPS 13.
Since update this morning to mutter 3.26.0-4.1, the login screen is correct again. as well as top panel, so scaling at 200%
However opened windows scale at 100%, so applications, but also settings window. So its seem a step in the right direction.

Switching back and forth corrects it, as you mentioned.

Info from mailinglist for this patch:

==== mutter ====
Subpackages: libmutter-1-0 mutter-data mutter-lang

  • Add mutter-fix-hidpi-scaling-x11.patch: Fix hidpi scaling
    regression when using X11 (bgo#788049).
  • Add mutter-monitor-config-manager-rotation-fix.patch: Fix
    transformation when rotating screen so that rotation by 90/270
    deg don’t show a black screen; patch taken from upstream git

Thanks for the responses. Today’s update fixed most issues. Cursor size, mostly okay. Nylas mail scaling okay. Top panel scaling correctly on boot. Autologin fixed.

The only thing I can still see that’s screwy is conky is still scaling tiny at %100.

Also, still can’t boot into Gnome on Wayland, but not important.