Gnome 3.26 crashes when closing some maximized windows

I’ve just found out that there a small bug, already patched in Archlinux.
HOw can I tell it to the mantainers?
Thank you!! :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:
Is this in 3.26.1?

What patch is this, do you have a link?

A quick way is jump on IRC Freenode #opensuse-gnome but it could already be fixed.

The link is this one:

Seems they resolved.
The problem is still here after today’s big update…

I can confirm this. It happens since the 3.26.1 update.

OK, can duplicate, will find out which way to proceed with the Gnome maintainers on IRC (may not happen until tomorrow).

OK, heard back, a fix is in the pipeline to make it into Tumbleweed;

Just tested here and the issue is now gone (I’m on Intel gpu), updated mutter, mutter-data, mutter-lang and libmutter.

Very good!
Thank you very very much!