Gnome 3.16 Annoying Issues

I just installed Gnome 3.16 on my laptop (Zenbook) running Tumbleweed. I’ve run into a few issues that I’m trying to correct.

  1. When I login or resume it asks me for my wifi password. I’ve looked at Gnome Keyring and it clearly has my wifi password listed in the keyring and the keyring seems to be unlocked. I’m not sure if I need to delete my keyrings and start over fresh or what.

  2. My mute button will only mute the volume, not un-mute it. It’s minor, but it works when I run Antergos or Fedora from a live usb with their versions of Gnome 3.16 so it definitely should and can work this way or for that matter under Plasma 5.3 which is what I’ve been running as of late.

Thanks for any help you guys can give.

For item 1, go to the wifi settings and then select the cog for you wireless connection and then on the ‘Identity’ tab check the box ‘make available to other users’ hit apply and enter the root password when asked and all should be good. For item 2, AFAIK it’s as designed, press the volume up key or roll the mouse wheel when hovering over the volume icon.

Thanks! That fixed my wifi issue.

However, the mute button issue only occurs on openSUSE. On Fedora and Antergos, pressing mute toggles from mute and back to the previous volume level so maybe if it’s designed as you say there is a toggle somewhere to alter the behavior. I’ll look around more and see if I can find anything on this. It’s a very minor thing as I can control volume, but I was surprised when I muted a video I was watching and hit mute again to return to the volume level I was at and got zip.

Thanks again.

If I press Fn+Mute or mute button (different laptop) it mutes, then Fn+Vol up it returns to the original volume prior to mute.

You can use xev to see the key presses. What hardware, check dconf-editor as well.