Gnome 3.10 HiDPI


I just installed OpenSUSE 13.1 on a new Dell M3800 laptop. I was very eager to try out Gnome 3.10 desktop and the HiDPI support as the laptop has a 3200x1800 screen. I can report that Gnome 3.10 works very well out of the box, much better than Unity/Cinnamon/XFCE were everything was just too tiny for my eyes. It is however not perfect.

One example is the drop-down menu on the upper right part of the panel seems not wide enough, so all text gets truncated (see image below). If I decrease the font scaling factor to 0.5, everything fits but then again everything is super tiny as with the other desktop environments. The can be seen in other places as well, like icon descriptions in the “Activites” menu, or the on/off switch in Appearance which looks funky (see image below).

Any ideas if it’s possible to tweak this somehow?