Gnome 3.10 cannot see ~/Pictures directory

Hi all,
I’ve just reformatted and reinstalled openSUSE 12.3 with Gnome 3.10 as the DE. For some reason the “Pictures” folder is not being used by the background image dialog; where before it would show thumbnails of it’s contents, I now just get some text saying:

No Pictures Found
You can add images to
your <username> folder
and they will show up here

Which is odd for two reasons: Why is it mentioning my home directory, why would I store pictures “loose” in there!? Secondly, why has it stopped looking in my Pictures folder? It’s still there! (Admittedly it’s a symlink, but still…).

Potentially interesting is that the Pictures folder has lost it’s custom folder icon, it now has the same icon as any ‘normal’ folder.

I’ve set my desktop background using dconf, but I don’t know how to set the login screen background from it - but this is beside the point, as I really want to find out why it has stopped working.


Your standard “Pictures” folder is set in ~/.config/user-dirs.dirs. I don’t know if GNOME provides a possibility to configure this (KDE does), but you can always edit that file with a text editor. It should be obvious enough what changes to make.

Probably a non-existing folder is set there (named in a different language maybe?), so GNOME defaults to your home folder.

That’s fixed it! Thank you!