Gnome 2.24: no battery notifications/actions!!

Hello everyone,

I’ve found another serious bug in openSUSE 11.1 / Gnome 2.24…

The battery applet doesn’t warn me anymore when my battery power is low! The battery changes color, but the applet doesn’t shut the system down though I have enabled this option.
It also doesn’t tell me when the battery power is low. It used to tell me - 20 min left - 15 min left - 10 min left … etc.
It also doesn’t beep anymore when my battery power is low!

This is quite a serious problem, because when the battery power is 0%, I could lose my work and my usb-devices could be harmed!

Does anyone have this problem? Or could anyone help me?

Thanks in advance openSUSE friends!

I’ve downgraded the Power Manager from version 2.24.1 to 2.22.1.

The notifications still don’t work.

Does that mean it had something to do with the pop-up area, or with opensuse itself, or with gnome?

Anyone help me out?