gnokii-smsd in startup


I am running Opensuse 11.2 and have installed gnokii-smsd which is working brilliantly however I need to start it manually with a command + options each time.

Being a noob I am not sure where to place the command + options to get it to automatically start when the computer boots and to ensure it starts after I have started mysql.

Any help would be great, thanks in advance.

Greg J

more info…

The command I need to use to get it working correctly with my database is:

smsd -u smsuser -d smsgw -c localhost -m mysql -b SM -f /var/log/smsdaemon.log

When do you want it to start. Do you need to be root? Gnome or KDE?

I am using KDE but at some point I just want it to be a webserver without a gui (gui is just there so I can find my way around to set things up). I suspect I would need to be root as I want to make sure the service starts if the web server ever shuts down due to a power failure or something. I want it started in the same place that the web server (apache2) and mysql are started but as it relies on mysql, it must be started after mysql is started.

The gnokii-smsd service is primarily to keep me informed of activities that occur on the server so it must be running all the time.

I hope that makes sense.

Greg J