Gnash not working in any browser

Gnash is not working in any browser. The only thing working is playing separate music tracks. Video with sound works only in Chrome, but full screen is not available and its very buggy.
What to do?
Don’t want to use Adobe Flash, it’s even more buggy, even with music files. Full screen also doesn’t work good, although video plays in every browser.:’(

tested gnash yesterday in firefox and had the same problem no video on youtube etc. read the gnash faq and installed ffmpeg as they recommended also deleted my browser cookies. still no video

Are the gnash+ffmpeg the only packages needed to play youtube movies ?

I got an error once on one homepage pktmanager(popup) saying something about mpeg 4 needed but isnt this in the ffmpeg package?

Does gnash work for you which packages have you selected in yast (ffmpeg, gtstreamer) a list would be helpful. according to get gnash running.

best regards alex

opensuse 11.3 gnome (using default codec packages included in 11.3gnome livecd install)

gnash, swfdec and likewise Flash-alternatives in no way offer the same functionality as the original Flash-Player. Basically they try to reverse engineer the Flash-player by guessing (more or less). I occasionally try both, as I would prefer an open source Flash solution, but they are far from being a working substitute.

Then how to make Adobe Flash working good? everyone writes that 10th version is not stable and VERY buggy, I agree - fullscreen not working properly, many other bugs. People suggest 9th version, but it is hard to get it and official update for SUSE is 10th!!!