GMT 5.1.0 and libgal

Hi everybody,

I try to install GMT 5.1.0 (Generic Mapping Tools Graphics) and the installation
via cmake seems to need the library. I’m using SuSE 13.1 and could
not find this library (normally it’s a link to Has anybody else a hint or
even better has anybody else ever installed this tool under SuSE 13.1?

Any answer welcommed


When I go to and type GMT in the search field, it is found for openSUSE (not SuSE btw) 13.1. Any reason why you do not install that one and try to build it from a source you keep secret for us?

Hi Henk,

ok, first it is libgdal… second I use the source from the GMT home page.
But, I use your hint and o.k. there seems to be a GMT package for openSuSE,
but WHERE…

May be I’m getting old,


From the search, it’s in the Application:Geo repository for either 5.1.0 or the 4.x.x version

Do not know your age, but at my age I try to see where I can click and that is on the GMT and on the picture “No screenshot available”. In both cases I get a new page, I click on openSUSE 13.1 and then on “Show unstable Packages”. There you see three different versions. Like Malcomlewis I would go for the one from the Geo repo. You could use the 1 Click Install (click on it), or download e.g. the 64 Bit version (click on it).

Hi Malcolm,

Thanks a lot!!! I will try it.

Have a nice weekend,