Gmod no sound 64 bit

32 bit Opensuse works just fine. With 64 bit i tried SDL_AUDIODRIVER=pulseaudio steam and SDL_AUDIODRIVER=alsa steam. This usually works (kind of) with games like tf2 but gmod will usually wont get sound. I need the pulseaudio system for my sound setup so I’d like to stay with pulseaudio.

From what I seen is gmod does use the source engine but a lot of bugfixes and patches that valve has done doesn’t always go into gmod. (becasue garry)

Install the libSDL_sound-1_0-1-32bit package, and see if that improves things. Steam is a 32bit application, it will want the —32bit versions (mind, not the same as i586)

I was gone for a while. I installed that package and it does the same thing. I am getting a lot of:
AL lib: alsa.c:771: Could not open capture device ‘default’: Device or resource busy
AL lib: oss.c:333: Could not open /dev/dsp: No such file or directory


If I use SDL_AUDIODRIVER=pulseaudio steam, gmod will lock up

I was able to get it to run correctly with this command, STEAM_RUNTIME=0 steam.
I wonder if the next release of suse will play with steam a little better.

I think the question is will steam play better with openSUSE.

thanks, will try it now, facing the same problem, no sound.

Start steam from the command line, by typing steam.

Start the game, and after you quit the game look for errors.