GLX deactivate


As a newbie I have been using Suse10.2, actually Jacklab Jad 1.0,
for some time.

Lately I changed the machine’s mobo and reinstalled the distro but
have a problem which was caused by the different graphics card or chipset NVIDIA GeForce 6100/nForce 430 chipset.

GLX through MESA has been activated which I do not want.

Having read a post here, I typed in the terminal as suggested:

“glxinfo | grep direct” and was told:

“direct rendering: NO
OpenGL render string: MESA GLX Indirect”

How can I deactivate it? I cannot through Yast. There must be a command to do so. There is no slab in Jad either through which I probably could.

Thank you,


It is using mesa because the proprietary nvidia driver’s aren’t installed

Check out the info here also has links to the drivers



I applied nvidia’s instructions found in your ‘here’ link, downloaded and installed the driver but it did not work.

I believe the problem to be Jad’s kernel an " 2.6.19-5-rt " which
cannot be unlocked I was informed, although the transaction proceeded after being questioned and answered ‘yes’ on things that I did not completely understand as a computerr newbie that I am.

It is not very important as I am quite happy with mesa as it is except for the wobbling windows. It seems that most people want special effects whereas I am trying to get rid of them!

If I could only ‘concoct’ a command to do so I would be very happy.
I understand that it could be done if the nvidia drivers were there. I did not have this problem before I changed to my new mobo.

Thank you very much for your help and some-guy’s.


Further to my above post the following happened:

Playing with the distro a window popped up informing me that I had not activated the newly installed nvidia driver. So I did follow the instructions and gave as root the command required in the terminal, I cannot remember exactly what it was, I think “nvidia-config” or something like that, rebooted and there was no window any longer!!!

So I had to reinstall. I am writing this after reinstalling.
Things are difficult in life!