glibc > 2.26 - OpenSuseLeap

Hello, is there a way how can i install higher version of glibc? I tried version from Tumbleweed but a lot of dependencies issue occur. I can’t use TBWD as I need amd gpu pro driver.
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Hi and welcome to the Forum :slight_smile:
That would be a no… See

You may use community repos. Or compile it by yourself:

Radeon™ Software for Linux® is available for SLE SP1 = Leap 15.1, not 15.2 yet.
To get OpenCL support you may install AMD ROCm.

As well as fixing/rebuilding anything that breaks (no bug reports)… bottom line, if you really want a later supported version then look at Tumbleweed, it’s pretty stable these days, just lots more releases and downloads…

I am testing TBW and so far it looks ok. Thanks for all responses. I consider it as resolved for now :slight_smile: