glib-2.0 package needed.

Hey there,

I’ve tried to install fbpanel to compliment blackbox but when I try to do ./configure it’s telling me that glib-2.0 isn’t installed. When I tried to do

zypper install glib-2.0

but it couldn’t find it, I’ve tried installing some others like glib2-devel and had no luck either so anyone know which package I should be trying to install?

Thanks, Dan.

Use the zypper se feature and it will show the name and whether it’s
installed or not, it should be just glib2.

Cheers Malcolm °¿° (Linux Counter #276890)
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Hey there,

it’s worked now thank you. The problem was with the gtk2-devel package. I hadn’t got it installed. I was just thrown of by the command line telling me that glib-2.0 wasn’t installed.

Thanks for you help!