Glade 3, how to build a GUI

If you have used Glade 3 to build a GUI, then what are the steps to build a GUI using Glade 3?

Read this GTK+ and Glade3 GUI Programming Tutorial - Designing a User Interface using Glade3

On Sun, 24 Aug 2008 20:06:01 GMT
sparrow9 <> wrote:

> If you have used Glade 3 to build a GUI, then what are the steps to
> build a GUI using Glade 3?

That sentence reminds me waaay too much of the Woodchuck and his chucked wood quotas.

And no, I’ve nothing better to add. The tutorials presented by Jonathon R
would likely be helpful.

I read your “issues” with someone on the irc channel… sorry about that.
Sounds like you bumped into a grouchy person. Can’t be helped.

The tutorial will probably show you the steps involved for building a gui
using Glade 3. No, it’s not the hand-holding you seem to be looking for (based
on reading of irc issues)… but are certainly better than nothing. Maybe the
people who build gui’s using Glade 3 are too busy building Gui’s using Glade
3 to stop in and frequent the forums or irc? They DID leave this handy
tutorial though…


L R Nix

I kinda build guis. The problem I have is the GTK signals.

As for hand holding, I don’t have the experience, nor the time to write that kind of howto. I’m already heavily involved in writing that kind of howto. I’m writing a howto for smart package manager, and am currently at 58 pages.

Now, the best thing to do, is read the howto’s, then practice with what you have read, and if you run into any problems, then you can ask very targeted questions.

For one to write a howto right now, might be a waste of time, since other howto’s exist. Even books on Glade and GTK. With out having specific questions, it’s hard to appropriately answer. There are also forums, that are specific to this. This one here GTK+ Forums might be a real good one to ask questions at. Other than that, this one might be good Nabble - Gnome - Glade forum