After latest Update to kernel 4.15.1 and wine-3.1 and newest opensource radeon driver, i am getting the following error in wine:

0079:err:d3d:wined3d_debug_callback 0x191618: “GL_INVALID_OPERATION in glUniform(program not linked)”.

I am not sure where this error comes from and what it means. Is it a software build error or is something missing in the file system?
I would be glad for any analyzing hints on pointing me to the component it might be producing it.

Still had no luck identifying the component that is not working. It is not wine; has to be radeon driver or some lib.

Filed bugreport here:

I identified the broken component.

It is the update from Mesa 17.3.2-181.1 to 18.0.0-186.1.

Xserver and other OpenGL stuff doesn’t seem to be affected, but wine is not running 3D stuff anymore.