gksudo command not found on launching hamachi-gui

can’t find where is gksudo, it is a part of some pakage but witch one?
google.com didn’t help.

Use gnomesu or kdesu.

gnomesu and kdesu “command not found” too.

Which desktop are you using?

Gnome 2.28.0

Exactly how are you entering the command? Show the results of

which hamachi-gui

I’ve found gnomesu(it’s installed now) but hamachi-gui is still ask’s for gksudo it show’s “sh: gksudo command not found” .
What need to be configured for hamachi-gui to use gnomese and not gksudo?

That’s strange. They’re all just frontends for su or sudo. gksu is on the OBS:


What is the Hamachi GUI, anyway?