I still tend to use gkrellm (mainly because I haven’t found a kde4 system widget that provides live disk use or is anywhere near as compact), but I can’t find the plugins or themes packages anywhere for 11.4. The gkrellm and devel packages are there though. Seems bizarre to have the one without the others. Anyone know where to find it?

Or alternatively, can anyone suggest a KDE4 plasma desktop widget that provides the same info (including disk access, top, cpu usage, cpu freq, network usage, ram usage etc) in a similarly compact form?

For gkrellm I’ve just downloaded the tar.gz of all the themes from http://www.muhri.net/gkrellm/GKrellM-Skins.tar.gz added manually into ~/.gkrellm

Yea, that’s what I used to do in the olden days of using Windowmaker on Slackware and Mandrake too! To be honest it’s the plugins I’m more bothered about. Presumably I could build them, but it seems odd to provide gkrellm, but not the plugins as an rpm.

I had a couple built, but moved to conky, so haven’t really kept up. There are nice lua scripts to run various sensors, but I’m sure there are lot’s of plasmoid things. Have you looked around kde-look.org?

Yeah, I looked around on a number of occasions and edited Yasp-scripted to give me most of what I want, but it seems that (on KDE4.3 at least) the available sensors do not include live disk usage (only disk-space). I have no idea why. Also yasp-scripted seems to insist on being quite large, which doesn’t suit my eeepc desktop. I don’t have the time to go learn how to do a plasma widget from scratch (plus it appears I can’t get the disk access info I want anyway).

Thanks anyhow.

I also download source (.tar.gz or tar.bz2,…) and compile the plugins i use for gkrellm .

why not post in Fate (or ask the packager if known) to include the plugins

I used to add the volume control plugin, weather and some other sutffs in gkrellm on my old machine with opensuse I look around recently for those plugins but seems not to find the download site. Maybe they aren’t there anymore. I prefer gkrellm than conky.