Hello everybody, i’m sorry for my newbie question but…i wanna start gkrellm at boot without start it cliking on…i’ve try the option in the visual menu, but how i can configure the system to start at boot time? thank you.

If you have KDE you can put a link in autostart in ~/.kde for kde3 and ~/.kde4 for kde4 they are hidden folder under your /home


You can also use the session manager under the systemsettings(KDE4) or kcontrol (KDE3). Have it set to restore previous session on login. This will restore all active programs from before you logged out.

ehm…i’m using gnome…

Just add it via the control center->system->sessions startup programs
and hit the add button, Name: GKrellM Command: /usr/bin/gkrellm
Comment: GKrellM is a single process stack of system monitors

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