Giving up on this Windows garbage

Lo’ all…

Just browsing and spotted the thread Giving up on this 11.0 garbage - openSUSE Forums and thought I should reply in it’s own thread.

I’ve been a MS user since DOS 5… Been there all the way through the heaven that was DOS 6.2, the Nirvana that was Windows 3 and 3.1, I danced with angels when Win 9X was released. I’ve had Windows NT4, 2000, 2003, XP and Vista. By luck alone I missed out on Windows ME.

However, last year I was contracting in a design agency and the guy sitting opposite me was PHP’ing like mad using something called Ubuntu and Gnome… After he got me drunk a couple of times I decided to free up some disk space and install Ubuntu for myself. This was my first foray into Linux and it wasn’t great. So then I installed Kubuntu, which was better.

However, that too was a bit painful (I had Evil Eagle, Friggin Fox, Garbled Goose, and ***** Hippo - or whatever they call it) so in the spirit of inquiry I decided to install some other distro’s (having learned some of the terms).

Long story short, I tried Gentoo, DSL and some others and finally stumbled upon openSuse 10.3. And. It. Just. Worked. Actually, my laptop FN key gave me 10 minutes of bother, but otherwise it was sweeeeet.

Then came openSuse 11 - which also Just Worked (and had the most amazing installer/upgrader I’ve ever seen). The improvements in YasT software installation are just incredible (no more cups of tea whilst updating!)…

Anyway, even ignoring all the sexiness possible on linux (compiz, amarok, k3b etc) I have to say openSuse 11 (and 10.3) beats the **** out of the other operating systems out there. Sorry OSX, you’ve been outdone on looks and style and functionality. Sorry Vista, you’ve just been outdone and undone.

No contest. At all.

Until two weeks ago my disk was 80% Windows, 20% linux. Now it’s 90% linux and 10% Windows. Thanks to Wine I’ve not needed to boot Windows at all and I’m very happy about that.

So, to the gentleman who was slagging off openSuse 11 - please - stop. It could be worse. You could be using Vista.

To the openSuse team - excellent ****ing job! I’ve had three people ask me to install openSuse and get rid of Windows based purely on looking over my shoulder when I’m working… Keep up the good work!

Sorry all - felt I had to say that drivel - I just feel happier using openSuse. When you’re sitting at your computer 10 hours a day you NEED something that doesn’t mess about and still pleases you aesthetically. Now I’m off to Quanta, like amaroK, a friggin joy…

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That being said, I come from about the same boat. I used Apple II’s and C64’s back in the day. My first Microsoft OS was DOS 3.3, and I’ve tried many if not most out there. I tried GeOS, OS/2, AmigaOS, AIX, AS/400, System 7 and 8, OS X, Win 95, 98, 98SE, NT 4, 2000, XP, 2003, x64 and Vista.

I’ve never messed with Solaris much (we have Solaris boxes at work, but they’re not my systems) nor BSD, or BeOS, but Linux is by far the best overall OS I’ve ever used. openSUSE 11 is one of the best Linux releases I’ve ever seen.

It isn’t perfect, but it is quite good.

I’m glad you’re enjoying SuSE as much as the rest of us. A lot of the people who post rants about SuSE on the forum here just come by to flame SuSE, and aren’t really looking for solutions to anything. I just add them to the “ignored users” list in the user control panel. But Linux is a journey, this is a great community, and I hope I can help answer any questions you may have along the way.

:slight_smile: thank you - and I didn’t know the opinion stuff would be moved to Soapbox - I’m not here to get in a flame war. Unless it’s a good un :slight_smile:

However, I dont think I’ll ask for help if I need it - it’s actually fairly fun figuring stuff out. Well, apart from the my openOffice GUI fonts are all using monotype sorts (and therefore unreadable) but I’ll get to the bottom of that one!

I guess the f-word is international whereas the h-word is only understandable to a subset of English speakers. :smiley:

Great story, BTW.

thanks… just finished a **** long 20 hour day in front of the laptop - and not had one single crash or error or anything. I figure that my 20 hour day (15 hours working, 5 yawning) would have actually been a lot tougher on Windows. And hopefully not flaming MS there, they’re actually pretty good. I’ve just finally found a solution that works for me, and works very well indeed. Now I seriously must go to bed unless my head falls off :slight_smile:

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