give me a hand ...

i have a problem:
i want to have the default rules about the netcard.
in other words,i want to have the rules that when we install the SUSE os ,we don’t set anything to the netcard of the computer ,how to sort the netcard(eth0 eth1 eth2…)…

now i know that maybe define the file of 50-udev-default.rules …
could you please give me some advice?
thank you very much … >:)>:)>:)

Why dont you want to set your Ethernetcard? Your computer will be offline then. You can set this in the installer at “Summary”


i want to know the default sort of the Ethernetcard,when we install the SUSE os…i want to know how to define the eth0 eth1 eth2 in the beginning…

i am poor in english ,i don’t know whether i say clearly…


anybody who knows ???
help me …help me …

jasonguangye wrote:
> anybody who knows ???
> help me …help me …

i don’t, and i don’t think anyone here really understands your
question, or what you are trying to do…are you saying you have three
networking cards in one machine, or one each in three machines on one
network, or what?

what is your native language?
try posting in it…including the subject line…

or, better yet find a person in your country who can help, look here
for a Linux User Group near you:


thank you !!!
sorry i am poor in english …
i have three networking cards in one machine.
for example:
three networking cards A B C
after we intstll the SUSE os
i want to know why the networking cards A named eth0,not networking cards B named eht0.

i don’t know whether i say clearly !!:’(:’(

If you only had one network card, it would be Eth0. Linux always starts with 0. This will be the primary card.

Why do you have 3 network cards? Are you going to use all 3? If not, which one do you want to use. You can configure any or all of the 3.

i can configure any or all of the 3.
i can change the sort by myself…
but i only want to know how the system sort the network cards.
wo install the os ,wo do nothing set about the network cards.that sort is the default sort 。。。
i want to know this sort define what rules ??