Give access v.m access to other users

**Need help with Sharing a Virtual Machine with other user’

Hello OpenSuse Community I need some help with sharing a virtual machine on the same machine. What I’ve done:

  • Moved the Virtual Image to /srv/winxp

  • Added the user to vboxusers group

  • Gave the folder ‘winxp’ correct rw permissions

  • added the virtual machine image on all user running virtualbox

    My issue is that once I give the permission to the folder ‘winxp’ and assign the group vboxusers I can access the V.M, but once i log out and login with the other user I get access denied you don’t have user permissions. So I check the permission’s on the folder ‘winxp’ and vboxusers are no longer the group it went back to users group and no rw on group, but i do have rwx on the user that created the folder me?
    I hope someone out there can help me with this issue. I need to get this fixed.>:(


I think you first need to address whether you’re asking the right question or not…

There is a difference between granting permission to <launch> a VM vs <login> to a VM. The first is generally not often implemented, only Admins on the network are generally given that type of access. The second is common though…

  • If you are really asking how to allow remote Users to launch a VM, I’d recommend you implement a proper vm management system. You didn’t mention what type of virtualization you’re using, if you’re running libvirt, VMware or VirtualBox you can use the GUI manager to connect to a remote machine. Specific details are unique to whatever virtualization you’re using.

  • If you simply want to allow remote Users to login to an existing and running VM, that’s easy. You (or an Admin with with sufficient permissions) only has to configure and launch a VM with proper network access, then the VM can be accessed as if it was deployed on metal. For most people that means using a remote desktop application, just set that up on your XP Guest (at this point has nothing to do with the Host except opening the required ports).