Git commands run very slow

This is a fresh install of TumbleWeed(LXDE) and every package is updated to the latest version. While setting up my install for the first time I installed OhMyZsh and I came across this issue. After I run any command, it takes some time until I am presented with a new shell prompt. I found that it only happened if I have OhMyZsh enabled. So I used the following command to see what was happening:

zsh -xv

I found out that the time was taken in running the following commands before prompting me with a new prompt:

git symbolic-ref HEAD

git rev-parse --short HEAD

So, I independently ran the commands and the message shown to me was:

fatal: Not a git repository (or any parent up to mount parent /home) Stopping at filesystem boundary


Now, I understand that the error was shown to me because I was not inside a git folder. But the main problem is that even if I am inside a git folder, the commands take a much longer time (~20 more seconds) compared to my ArchLinux install.

Did I not install something that resulted in the above slowness? Do I have to set any variable? Please help me with this if possible. I am unable to work with such a slow git. Thank You!

You’re not very clear what you’ve done and trying to do.

From what I read about Oh-My-Zsh, the following install page (which IMO is one of the worst organized installs I’ve ever seen)

You should(warning - I’ve not spent time to do the following myself, so this is all according to the Author)

  1. Install zsh. You can use YAST or run the following in an elevated console
zypper install zsh
  1. Set zsh as your default shell
chsh -s $(which zsh)

Then, it seems that you should go to the project’s home page to install Oh-My-Zsh itself

It seems that the the next step is to use the provided curl or wget commands to download an install script.
Although nothing says to do so, I assume the next logical step is to execute that script you just downloaded which should download and install the Oh-My-Zsh framework.

At that point, you should have the basic configuration installed, and you should then proceed to enable plugins, customize the look and do anything else you wish.


Thank You for the reply. And sorry that I didn’t make it clear but I posted the issue after I had installed and configured everything to run OhMyZsh. To be precise I used my previous configs from my other install on a fresh install of OhMyZsh. Also, I have already debugged the issue and pin-pointed the command with which I was having the issue.