Girl or Boy?

Just curious about the gender profile of this forum, so I post this poll: are you a boy or a girl?

Neither, I am male adult :wink:


As I recall it wouldn’t matter with your race;).
Missing the all important (but not needed) naughty bitslol!. Regeneration by cloning.

Yes. Male / Female would be preferred to Boy / Girl


Ok, let me re-phrase to avoid hurting any identities here:

boy: man, manly man, guy, gent, male, masculine, bloke, dude.
girl: woman, female, lady, the-real-power-that-be.


we only have three regular girls on this forum. Chrysantine, G0NZ0 and PattiMichel

@microchip8: means they are regular in their activity/support for the forum. Not regular (like ordinary) - They are quite the opposite: Extraordinary! :wink:

yes indeed, that’s what I meant by regular :smiley:

I feel so lonely. :’(

Never mind Heidi - You made your mark. You are among friends here: Boys and Girls, so no need to be sad.:slight_smile:

Yes, I am.

Oh! that’s good. I thought he was referring to healthy bowels. And, I’m not going anywhere else with this pun!

Not regular (like ordinary) - They are quite the opposite: Extraordinary!

Doesn’t “extraordinary” come out to mean:

“Extra” (even more) “Ordinary”? :wink:

Just kidding.

What, no choice for android?

I agree what you just saying.:wink:
Just one I dont surveys for that as Im gent.not a boy for sure and there is no girl in our community only Ladys lol!. I saying only we have Mr,Sir or gent. and for our ladys is Ms.or Mrs…:slight_smile:



That’s what I thought. I have some good friends in Computer Science, and they remark/complain the fact that there is only guys. The computer world seems dominated by males. Why?

And by computer world I mean my friend’s cohort and this forum :wink:

Media drums the same image about it all the time so in time it has grown a stigma that in order to be interested in machines you have to be a “boy” and girls that like motorcycles and computers are “boyish”.

There’s been a slight change in attitudes in the last say 5 years but it’s a slow process.

And of course, there’s my favorite comic of all time that says it all:

There has been some progress. Take Apple’s MacBook: slim, white, easy to use and expensive i.e. designed for girls and BBC presenters.:wink:

Ok, if one fell in my lap, I might use it (he said hurriedly, in a deep voice). lol!

I’m a guy too.

Not that I’d be very actively writing in this forum or being good in linux (I just use it for a few months), but I can call pairwise X chromosomes my own too ;).

Btw, I planed and built my desktop computer on my own! And I doubt it needs some special male knowledge to do, I guess most girls/women are just too ignorant to try computer things themselves.

I’m old enough to KNOW why women are behind in computer job infiltration. It was x decades ago that I worked for a huge and powerful…now out of business… computer corporation. One day, some guys from 3M (now the Post-it Note company) came in to sell us expensive static control devices. They told us a story that made us spend the money.

Some years before, the Soviets noticed that the computers in their Defense installations (meaning ICBM complexes aimed at the U.S.) where failing much sooner than expected. The MTBF was much lower than anyone predicted. They found that the chips were degrading at a rapid pace and determined that repeated small static discharges were the cause. Tracing the source of this problem, they discovered that the women working in the computer labs often wore nylon panties under their heavy woolen skirts. Walking around built up charges that occasionally were discharged into boards. So, it became a matter of Soviet National Defense that women wore cotton panties!

So, you can see why women were not encouraged to go into computer science and this awful legacy is why their number are lagging still today.