GIMP Toolbar-Icons suddenly disappear

Hello altogether,

ever since version 2.8 I notice a peculiar behaviour in GIMP. When working the space between the toolbar icons suddenly increase and about have of the icons disappear under the tool settings. It then looks like this (see on the left hand side):

Until now the only workaround I know is to close GIMP and start it again.

Is this a known issue and are there any good ideas to solve it? Or is t better to file a bug report?

Thank in advance and merry Christmas to everyone

I saw that one here also.
You can detach it like the old version.
It happened here and I thought I only accidentally press a wrong button
but I couldn’t see how to recover except to close gimp then reopen it.

Detaching will not help - I had the “lost icon” experience yesterday with the docks detached.
Restarting cleared it, as you already know.

I have the same problem and it’s really really annoying! Detaching indeed does not help (I don’t use the one windowed mode anyway). I have to either close and reconfigure the toolbar or restart Gimp.

well you could not use the “gimpshop” window
i have not seen that behavior in 12.2 nor 12.3
with gimp 2.8.6 ( built from source )
– yes source , an old habit from building gimp 0.9 to 2.8