GIMP: different pop-up windows when started in a different way

In my day-to-day practise I have two different ways to start GIMP and edit an image file.

I start GIMP from the main menu, then use the File menu > Open and browse to the file I want to open, etc.
using Dolphin I browse to the file and then right-click and use Open with > GIMP.

My idea is that then there would be no difference at all in what GIMP does and shows me. Nevertheless, on all pop-upwindows that ask me for a choise (e.g. when I want to resize the image, it aks me to Cancel, or Resize, etc.) the sequence of the buttons is different.

As an example I have here the pop-up I get when I close GIMP after changing an imported imported image (please do not mind the text that the image has been exported already, that is not significant and also not something that is in all the other winfdows hit by this). The options then are to Save As an internal GIMP file, to Discard all changes (e.g. because I have already exportetd the image, or because I want to discard all I hav done, or simply Cancel the close action at all and carry on.
The above is opened using Dolphin and has:
Save As - Discard Changes - Cancel
This one is opened from the menu and then File > Open:
Discard Changes - Cancel - Save As

Does anybody have an explanation?
For me, a person that thinks it can click like a robot after having edited a few files, it is rather annoying to click the wrong buttons. I know I have to read all small typing before signing a contract, but nevertheless :frowning:

No explanation I’m afraid… :frowning:

I invariably open images via Dolphin, so had not noticed that behaviour.

Might be worth enquiring on one of the gimp user forums, for example.

Or worthy of a bug report perhaps, gimp uses

Thanks, I already considered going to a Gimp forum, but first wanted to check here if others exerience it.

Hi Henk,

I don’t see this on TW, nor on Leap 15.2 Alpha, will check 15.1 later, but … I’ve seen reports before, where the issue seemed to be some outdated GTK theme. And, yours looks like one of the old(er) ones. Whether this is related to compiler options or such, no idea ( I know that the old stuff were xpm images that were compiled in C code.

Hi Gertjan,

Thanks fo the input.

I do not understand all you try to explain, but when it will be “solved” in a future release, I am fine. In the mean time I will start it in one way only to avoid “mis-clicks”.

But, as old, dumb programmer I do not understand how (and why???) you can have the same program doing different things in this way.

A simple way to detect whether this is a theming issue ( which IMO would mean that even a newer version of whatever would act the same ), is to change the GTK themes to Breeze GTK ( KDE’s stock theming ). Funny thing is that I don’t have your window decorations / theme on neither TW, nor 15.1 or 15.2.
Stock question: do you experience this behaviour with a new test user?

I am not that afluent with waht is termed “themes”. I do know I poked around until I got something better then the active window only having a slightly darker grey header then the other windows. I do have colours on the screen and used them since I guess Mitive to have a clear difference between the active window and the other.

But it is beyond me that that can have influence on how a program that only have to care for what it shows INSIDE the window. Let alone how that can influence the sequence of buttons of an application, depending on a slight difference in starting it (I assume that in the one case it is called with de file as argument.and in the other case without any).

I may try a new user later, but now: Off to a concert in Hengelo!

What I’m sure of is, that setting the KDE GTK theming to Breeze, makes GTK apps ( GIMP, Firefox ) at least look and behave like they’re native KDE apps.

When I close a changed file, which I opened inside The Gimp I get this: Save As - Cancel - Discard Changes
When I opened it from Dolphin I get exactly the same order. There is no difference.
My guess would be a theming problem.