Gimp acquire


I used to scan pictures through Gimp under SuSE 10.2, using the “acquire” option in the file menu. Having now moved to SuSE 11.0 and installed Gimp 2.6.3, I no longer find this option where it used to be.
Has it moved? changed name? disappeared? any clue would be welcome.

Go to File / Create / xscan image.

Is your scanner installed?

File → Create → Xane: Device dialog.

I don’t appear to have xscan under file -> create, but I have now remembered how I solved this last time around. If anyone is interested here is the explanation:

My scanner is part of an all-in-one printer (Canon PIXMA MP210). As such it is not recognized by SuSe as a separate scanning device (I did try to install it).

I have a scangear rpm from Canon (only available at Canon Australia - Home, if anyone is interested), which I installed without difficulty. This gives access to a “ScanGear MP” option under file -> create.

However, due to group permissions this will only activate the software if you are logged in as root. As any other user I get the message:
Cannot find Canon MFP scanner device

At least I can now scan.

Thanks for the help!