Gimmicky window manager...

I’m over boring! Decided I would like a Window manager that lets me play with a **** load of effects - things like a genie/fire/hell freezing over for maximise/minimise, impressive cube (and other) effects for changing desktops, etc.
Not even sure if it is the window manager that does this, or something else…?
Several (many?) years ago, these effects seemed to be common (and I DID love enlightenment back then…), but these days there doesn’t seem to be much around. Even a google doesn’t seem to return much - can find a few for turning effects off, but not for turning them up!
Even just some effects that are similar to (dare I say it) a Mac!
At the moment just running a standard/patched install of Leap 42.1+KDE.

Guess you refer to the times of Compiz and Emerald… Well, Plasma5 does do compositing, but not the fire, snowflakes etc. stuff. Cube is there though, wobly windows, see Systemsettings

EDIT: I lost interest in the gimmicky stuff, but IIRC conky offers quite a lot