Gigantig huge font in titlebar and kde menu after update 15.0 -> 15.1


I just updated Leap from 15.0 to 15.1

everything seems to be fine, at least what I checked in the short time, but there is a problem with KDE

huge font in windows title bar
huge font in desktop icon name
huge font in kde menu

it seems, everything Plasma has gigantic fonts, and I do not know how to configure them

kcmshell5 fonts is simply ignored

what can I do ?

What is the monitor resolution???

Setting-configure desktop -Fonts

kcmshell5 fonts is not ignored here with a fresh 15.1 installation, though started via Konsole there are three libGL/nouveau errors. When you wrote “kcmshell5 fonts is simply ignored” how were you starting it, Konsole, Xterm, Alt-F2, “Configure Desktop”, something else? Try verification:

sudo zypper ve

seems to be a hdpi issue

I have 14 inch, 2560x1440 native resolution
with 15.0 I had a super small login screen,
I tried different solutions, but especially with a second monitor attached that is not hdpi, nothing worked useful
so the best was to accept the small login screen and then have a low res desktop resolution that works with the external 20 inch 1920x1200 monitor

the new KDE does some magic now, the login screen is normal sized,

I need now to use the native resolution but I have to set DPI explicit in the control center, otherwise everything is messed up
need still to test with an external monitor, and how applications look that simply ignore the DPI, (those exists, Davinci Resolve for example, a 3rd party qt application)