Gigabyte GA-P35-S3G audio support


My on board sound chipset is supported:
Intel P35 Express Chipset /Intel ICH9, but I had to install the Realtek driver manually to get audio working.

The problem is that I can’t delete the default driver from Yast2, the Realtek driver isn’t displayed in Yast2, and the Realtek driver doesn’t work after rebooting.

A related question: I tried to install a SoundBlaster PCI 128, which is supported with multiple drivers, but it errors out in Yast because none of the available joystick (which I don’t use) interrupt selections satisfy the Yast configuration applet. The Motherboard BIOS interrupts are set to AUTO.

I don’t know how to deal with interrupts in Linux.

If you remove all traces of your Realtek driver, I can try help with alsa driver. But if you keep Realtek, then someone else will have to chime in and provide you suggestions.

The realtek driver uses an install script, so I don’t know how to properly uninstall it. It never appeared in the Yast Sound Configuration for what that’s worth.

I think that the realtek driver gets replaced following a reboot by this driver:

82801I (ICH9 Family) HD Audio Controller
Configured as sound card number 0
Driver snd-hda-intel

This configured “normally” with Yast, but I have no audio out.

Are we ready to proceed at this point?

(I am dual booting with XP - sound works as expected in windows)


Sound Card Advanced Options:
Use the given board model (option) model
Use single command to communicate with codecs (option) single_cmd
Fix DMA pointer (0=Auto, 1=None, 2=POSBUF, 3=FIFO size) (option) position_fix

I have no confidence I can help. I have no idea as to what this realtek driver did, nor how it could interfere with anything I propose.

You could try working your way through the audio troubleshooting guide SDB:AudioTroubleshooting - openSUSE , but if that does not work, I do not have any confidence that I can be of assistance.

In summary, with the realtek driver in place, I can not help. Sorry.

I installed some alsa tools, ran alsaconf and the audio now works with the Realtek Driver following reboot.