Giant fonts when forum viewed in FireFox

When I view the openSuSE forums in Firefox (the OS11.1 default install), I get these like giant fonts, double or maybe even triple the size of any other sites. Any idea why this would be happening? Anyone else noticed this behaviour?
Thanx for any ideas.

Uhm… It’s not just the fonts, actually. It’s my ugly face too. As if the whole page was zoomed or something…

You could establish if it is a setting in FF by doing a rename of the .mozilla folder. Try FF again. If the problem is gone, then the issue is related to settings in FF. If it remains we need to look further afield.

Thanx, that solved it. Although, I must now re-import my Konqueror bookmarks from scratch. Since I had already done that a few days ago, the import is my primary suspect. If the issue resurfaces after re-importing the bookmarks, I’ll come back here again.

Happy Holidays!

No need to ditch your config. This behaviour is by design.

Firefox retains the zoom settings for each site. If you increase fonts in one site with CTRL-+ (control <and> plus), close FF and opens it again, the fonts will still be larger in the site(s) you changed. To reset font size to FF defaults just go to the site and press CTRL-0. You can also use CTRL-- (control <and> minus) to reduce font size.

Excellent stuff Mr Bruno!