Ghosting a HDD then upgrading the PC

Heres what i wanna do.
I have opensuse 11.0 with just about every package and source installed, and upgraded.
Days of Downloading!!! On an old P4 Machine.

I am planning to build a Newer PC (Quad-Core), and want a way to get the installation from the other hdd, i thought of ghosting it, but then i would be stuck with a 32bit i386 version right? and the rest of the hardware is different.

Assuming Ghost works with OpenSuse…
Is there any way to do this, would all the packages be in 32 bit versions anyway?

Just don’t wanna go through downloading all i have already, the DVD install is missing too much, as i found when i went to compile drivers for my system. (Asus My Cinema 3000 mini - USB Digital reciever)
Also don’t wanna do that again

Can anyone make a suggestion

In windows i’d just ghost and repair the installation. Usually works, if not backup and clean install.

Can i Clean install the DVD, share the other suse machine and point the repositorys to that shared folder? just a thought??

anyone please help me.

Also point me to a link about dual booting winxp and opensuse with opensuse installed first? I assume its possible both ways, just repair the grub loader after xp install?


Let me cut to the chase:

Depending on what hardware you upgrade, the drivers will change significantly.

My recommendation is to image the separate /home partition; stick that on a new disk and do a clean install. That will retain many of your setup files so recovery is very easy.

If windows is not 1st, use :Grub disk mapping"; easy search on google/linux: <Linux> - Google Search]( like: GNU GRUB - FAQ #10.

If windows is not already on the disk at OS11.0 install then you will have to edit menu.lst once windows is added.

Hi Adam,

What you want to do should work well. There is the consideration that your hardware will not be utilized as well, but if your system has up to (and no more than) 4 GB and you mainly use 32 bit applications you should not really notice this.

Have a look here for tips when imaging / cloning an existing Linux setup to new hardware : Good Things To Know When Imaging Linux To Different Hardware - openSUSE Forums

Fixing the grub boot should let you boot both OS like before.
Make/Print a copy of your existing /boot/grub/menu.1st as reference, if needed use it and modify the boot parameters so the new partition layout is reflected as on your new system.

As tip I would say: keep the old system intact until you are satisfied with your new setup. Always handy to be able to copy data / compare and probably most important when troubleshooting : access to internet! :wink:

Wishing you luck,

Thanks guys,
I ended up just installing a fresh DVD 64bit copy.

Here’s my boot list…

OpenSuse Default
OpenSuse failsafe
OpenSuse Pae
Windows 7 RC
Win XP

all from 2 HDD’s and Grub loader…
Barely any troubles… :slight_smile: