ghost recon on suse 11.0

This is to all. if you have a favorite game and you want to play it on linux( go to ) there you will be able to download a program that auto installs with wine and allows you to play windows games " mine was in the list and it works great" they have a list of installable games. this program configures automatically and i have no conflics at will even put your game icons on your desktop.

Please try this out and let me know what you think so i can decide how to get more involved with the project…

On 08/26/2008 TKS1125 wrote:

“Server name not found”


I think he meant: Home - PlayOnLinux - Play On Linux easily

I’m a fan of it too :wink:

  • Darkelve78 wrote, On 08/26/2008 10:46 AM:
    > I think he meant: ‘Home - PlayOnLinux - Play On Linux easily’
    > (
    > I’m a fan of it too :wink:
    Ah, much better :slight_smile:


I apoligise for the error in my post it is ( and just to give an update. more games are scheduled so if yours is not in the list be patient as it will be at some time just keep checking the list…

And Am A FAn Too xD