ghost IP with tork for linux

hi,do anyone know this software???it’s a KDE application.
i’m downloading it now,one of my friends suggested it,it’s designed for linux and it should be the best one ( he told me)
i hope there’s no any bug during installation… do anyone know anything?

thank you

well,it doesn’t work…this evening i’m trying to run it again…is it so unknown?

not all togheter with advices please!:smiley:

now it’s working,the IP address is “ghost” and i can send anonymous mails too

good software,i found good informations here :: Anonymous Web surfing with TorK

I’m the developer of TorK. Could you describe why it wouldn’t work for you at first? I’m trying to make the setup as easy and intuitive as possible.

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a lot of compliments!it’s a good software,now it is working ,i’m sure that the problem was my pc,because(i don’t know the why)during the installation it ran on the windows partition…i had the same problem with other two softwares…

i read on a newspaper about your software,then i wrote here for further informations,here in italy is quite popular in the little world of linux,but on this forum nobody knows it,this thread was a my monologue…