Getting weird Konsole issue: mouse disappears!

I have a new install of OpenSUSE 11.1 and every now and then, when I’m in the terminal (Konsole) the mouse will dissapear within the window and appear only on the taskkbar and window’s menubar. Also, at that time, none of the window menus can be engaged.

it appears the terminal hangs for a bit. it just happened again and I could use other windows but the terminal keeps hanging. All I had done was type “firef” and the tab button and it happened. i went to other windows, waited about 30 seconds and it came back! But it keeps doing this.

Any ideas?

what u mean ‘filef’

I was typing firefox but if you type part of a word and hit the tab button, it’ll complete it for you (if that file exists in the path).

This happened again and seems to happen the first time I hit “tab” (to find a file/folder after typing in part of the name).

Anyone know what might be happening?