Getting the suse WSOD after a few uses

Hello, I downloaded and installed the beta 5. After using the os about 5 times (1 use means I boot into os, and then shutdown or restart). I get the suse WSOD (White Screen of Death) and suse just hangs there. There is no error message, I just get a blank white screen. So I installed the OS again, and tried upgrading right away by doing the zypper dup command. After the upgrade I immediately got the WSOD. How can I restore my system. Even if I do restore I am a little worried about suse’s stability.

it can be desktop effects turned on and it may be overloading the X server.
you can try to delete the .kde4 in home folder
this has to be done before starting kde
do it in console login
it may help then while desktopeffects turn on do one by one and see what makes the white screen.
we need lot of cpu power and memory for all desktop effects.
i assume that can be your problem.
i have had same problem in other distros.

You should still be able to get into a console and troubleshoot the issue.
As previously said, compiz could be the one causing issues and can be disabled in a couple of ways.

What video card are you using? Have you installed any specific drivers?
Also more specifics about your setup would be nice :slight_smile: Like which DE are you using?

As a last note, RC1 is the latest pre-release. Could be it will give you a better install.