Getting the latest Git SCM

Git has released a new stable version of its SCM, 1.9.0

The openSUSE 13.1 repository have Git 1.8.5. Perhaps it is still early, but any chances it will get Git 1.9.0, soon?

The Git download contains only instructions on how to install using your distribution’s package manager. Cannot find any way to actually download it, except source and tarballs. Seems like I have to wait till it hits the repository.

As a general rule, newer versions of any software that is released after an openSUSE release (e.g. now 13.1) wil not make it into the standard repos (OSS and non-OSS) of that openSUSE release. It (or a stil newer) will be a candidate for the next openSUSE release.

However, it could be that such a newer version will be made avaialble by somebody in one of the Open Build Service repos (e.g. Stable, Factory or personal). You could use the software search at from time to time to test your luck.

Checking this repository regularly

Wondering though if the git release under this repository could be used on SLES 11.2/11.3, because I reckon the following repository will not get git-1.9

That si something ou better ask in the SLES/SLED forums: