Getting strange prompt from Yast

I just upgraded from 15.4 to Tumbleweed. Every time I open Online Update, I am given the following prompt and always choose “yes”:

No update repository
 configured yet. Run configuration workflow now?

Other than the prompt, everything seems to work.
Is this a possible bug, or did I miss something?

Disregard my question please. I found my error in failing to add the “update” repo when setting up the repositories. Apologies.

I am not aware of an upgrade path from Leap to Tumbleweed. I guess a new installation (keeping user data) is the way to go. And when you walk another path I assume you have to repair a few things. I hope you will not get to many more surprises.

Actually, I upgraded using the instructions from:
I failed to add the “update” repo while adding the new repos.

Thanks. That indeed describes an Upgrade path. Did not know that. I would probably have done a fresh install while keeping user data.