Getting started

Hey there,

I recently installed openSUSE 11.2, and I’m determined to get it working. After installing I’ve encountered a host of problems and I’ve been trying to work through them all so I can start enjoying the OS.

For starters, I’ve been having some problems changing the screen resolution, and configuring the graphics card; but I’ve posted about those in another section of the forum.

Right now I have a couple question but can only remember one.

  1. When you log into suse for the first time, there is a beautiful translucent desktop folder on the desktop. By accident I seem to have dragged it onto the task bar and when I ‘right click’ > ‘folder view settings’ the desktop freezes up, and I have to log out by pressing the power button of the computer to get the log out menu to appear.
    Is there any other way to restore the folder to the desktop? Or is there a way to prevent the computer from freezing up when I clock on the folder view settings?

Thanks for any help!!:slight_smile:

Just remembered another one :wink:

When I go to activate any of the desktop effects, after I hit the apply button a window pops up and says
‘Notification from the KDE window manager’
“The following effects could not be applied:”
lists all the effects, marked for application

Unless your have your graphics setup properly, desktop effects will not work. This assumes your graphics device is suitable in the first place. Some just will not work.

If you want to go back to square one on the desktop, I can show you how.
You need to have autologin disabled, so you get a login screen.
Disable Auto-Login - openSUSE Forums

Now write this down carefully:
**mv .kde4 .kde4-old
Now logout and select a console login, like this:

At the prompt, login with your username and password
Then type
**mv .kde4 .kde4-old
Now type: startx

Now I’ll see if I can spot your graphics thread.

I do have the desktop effects working now, and the graphics seem to have been resolved.

I would appreciate though, if you could explain to me how to restore the desktop folder to the desktop :smiley:

The right click folder view settings is now functional

Right click and make sure widgets are Unlocked
Now select Add widgets
Add, Folder View

You can configure the folder from the handle on hover
Once done, right click desktop and lock widgets

It worked wonderfully!

Thanks so much! lol!

No worries mate
Take it easy and enjoy openSUSE;)

If you want to keep your KDE settings (Caf’s method makes all KDE the default)

Right click the desk top select Unlock widgets (they may already be) Select add widgets. Select Folder View. Configure the folder view to point to your Desktop folder.

Lock widgets

If the old folder view is on the task bar you can unlock widgets select the little cashew thing on the right on the task bar on the right. Left click the folder view and remove it.

lock widgets

Everything is a widget in KDE 4.X