Getting start with OpenSUSE migrating from Debian-oriented systems


I always use Debian-oriented systems (simple desktop use). I’m not a beginner but neither an expert about Linux Universe. Now I feel the needing to try other and I choose OpenSUSE stable 42.2 with KDE.
I’m test it into a VM and I play much with system and its mechanism, specially with installation script (I dont’t like the partitioning screen to be honest), YaST (very impressive and useful panel IMHO) and with YaST 2 (similar to Synaptic, my favorite deb packages manager front-end). The first impression is very positive but unfortunately with a short trying I cannot understand if the OS-branch changing could give me acclimatizing troubles in the long run.
I would ask you if briefly there is something which I should necessarily known before/during this migration.

Thank you!

P.S. I don’t know if I choose the best subforum for this post. I don’t find any other better place. Excuse me for a possible mistake.

Hi and welcome to the Forum :slight_smile:
You mean updating when 42.3 is released? Perhaps look at the Lifetime page:

Now that there is a closer synergy between SUSE Linux Enterprise and openSUSE releases, updating shouldn’t be an issue… now that does depend on how close you stay to standard distribution repositories (oss, non-oss and updates). Since there are also VLC, Packman and a plethora of them on the Open Build Service, some folks get into a bind at times.

Nolol! I mean the my migration from debian-based systems to OpenSUSE. I would known if there’s common issues of acclimatation (mostly sure about the switching from deb to rpm package managing)

Meh, I hate sudo use su - :wink: On openSUSE there is zypper for package and repository management as well as YaST, so zypper se(arch), zypper in(stall), zypper lr(list repos) you can add the --help to the previous commands eg zypper in --help to get a brief help, else the usual man zypper for more info…

Lot’s of packages and repositories on OBS:

You can search here:

Just use caution when adding OBS repos…

Yes, I would use much sense and apply a better practice of hardening in this new adventure and I would add only repos with high-level trusting and only if really essential (for example for full multimedia support, for get some forensic utils or for Grsecurity patching). Could you advise me about more trusted unofficial repos? I read something about packman repo for example.

Another thing: I play with the suse studio tool but I found the mechanism of add selectively every package very intricate, repetitive and sometimes boring (the basic concept is amazing and fashinated however). There are some tips for well-automatizing and improve the process of package adding? Maybe I choose a wrong way or I miss some useful feature.

There is dedicated forum Development - SUSE Studio.

In SUSE Studio, use patterns to put groups of files. Else on a running system you can use autoYaST to create the file and upload to SUSE Studio to duplicate. Like wise and repositories on OBS can be added to your SUSE Studio Appliance.

The development repositories are in most cases stable, but again use with caution depending on what packages they are… esp system related ones.

Packman for switching to unencumbered multimedia packages.