Getting rid of Windows installation.

I have been using OpenSUSE for a few months now. I am still mostly a Linux noob, and I left my Windows installation intact so that I could dual boot into either OpenSUSE or XP.

Thing is, I never boot into Windows anymore. I use OpenSUSE for everything I do, and I am really enjoying it.

So I want to repartition my disk to let OpenSUSE use all of it, effectively getting rid of the Windows installation. Can I do that without re-installing OpenSUSE? In other words, can I do non-destructive partitioning from OpenSUSE itself to give OpenSUSE the entire drive?

Follow up - it looks like I can just reformat my Windows partition to ext3 and use that in Linux.

But - if the MBR is on my Windows partition (the first drive) will reformatting that to ext3 prevent my computer from booting all together?

No one knows the answer to the partition question? As you can see from my titled, I’m Puzzled.

Consider this a bump :slight_smile:

You need Yast’s Partitioner. You can just reformat, and add a mountpoint to it like /data. Do not use /usr.
Then you need to remove or comment out the lines pointing to Windows from /boot/grub/menu.lst
That can be done by opening a terminal window and doing:
su -c kwrite /boot/grub/menu.lst
If you post the contents of that file here, we’ll be able to tell you which lines to remove or comment out.

If you screw up your bootloader you can also boot from a installation DVD again. There, choose repair. From there you can reinstall/reconfigure your bootloader (you only have to select bootloader).

Notice that, when you have other OS’s installed (like Vista or Windows 7), they will not be listed and you have to add them manually.

Awesome. Thanks guys. I’ll keep the installation CD handy just in case.

I am fairly comfortably editing the Grub menu.lst file because I had to do that when I installed to get it to see my Windows installation.

This is great - saves me from doing a fresh install!